A: We have separate measuring guides for each product that can be found Sway Screens (chainscreens.co.uk). If you are still unsure we can answer any questions on the phone or email. We can also schedule a video call to help you measure up and provide you with our expert advice on products and colours.

Q: Does it rust?

A: The chain that we use in our screens are anodised which means that the chain screen will not rust and can be hung inside and outside for all your pest control or decorative needs.

Q: Can I hang my chain screen outside?

A: Yes ! The chain screen can be hung up externally all year round as the anodised aluminium will not rust. The chain screens can be installed with screws or brackets (can be purchased with your screen) and can be taken down in the colder months - We have ours hung in the garage when its not needed ! 

Q: What's the guarantee for a chain screen?

A: We have happy customers who have been coming to us for 30+ years who just want to buy another screen as the previous screen is still fully functioning! To give you confidence in us and our chains we offer a Five Year Warranty against defects in production and the products used. If anything happens to your chain screen in this time we will endeavor to repair your screen, with no cost to you, provided the defect is not down to normal wear and tear, incorrect fitting/installation or accidental damage. 

Q: How can I stop flies (& all the other unwanted pests including Bees & Wasps) coming into my home or business?

A: We would recommend a chain screen on windows and doors to the outside - For windows you could install a Roller Mesh Blind or a Hinged/face fitted mesh screen. For any areas that have high traffic such as restaurant kitchens, food preparation areas we can create a mesh door that will allow air to flow in and stop bugs, pests and flies from entering.

Q: How does a Chain Screen work?

A: When installed the screen create a barrier that any insects, bugs, flies, bees, wasps and even birds cannot get past. The links allow air to flow through the screen but are small enough that the creatures cannot get though. If the screen is installed on a door you just walk through it and the chains will fall back into place because of the type of header rail we use that hangs each strand individually.

Q: How do I fit the chain screen?

A: Our chain screens can be installed internally or externally. We supply wood screws or self tappers that can be used depending on where you would like to hang your screen. For more stability and security we would suggest purchasing brackets for your chain screen that can be fixed in place - They provide more surface area for the header rail to hang on giving the screen more support. 

Q: Can I make my own screen?

A: Yes ! You can either purchase a screen that we make for you or you can purchase a DIY kit that comes in 3 sizes and 17 colours. We can also make bespoke screens that have stripes, patterns or logos on. These are all handmade and made to measure.

Q: How heavy is a chain screen?

A: The chain screen is made from high quality commercial grade aluminium which weighs 2.54kg per m2.

Q: Are your screens Pet friendly?

A: Our screens are Pet friendly - Our customer regularly purchase screens to allow their Cats and Dog to come in and out their homes without flies and insects coming in. 

Q: Why are some colours more expensive?

A: We have 5 premium colours - Turquoise, Light Green, Orange Gold, Rose Gold and Purple. These colours are exclusive to Sway Screens in the UK and cost a little more as they are more expensive to produce due to the colour mixing during the anodising process. We have picked these colours as they are great for making patterns and stripes and even full screens.

Q: What are your lead times?

A: We strive to get all orders processed and dispatched in 2-3 working days. Express screens will be dispatched same day if ordered before 2pm (excluding weekends and bank holidays). For larger or bespoke orders we aim to have these completed in 5-7 working days. For more information on these times, please contact us on 01845 525 900.

Q: Can I take the screen with me if move house?

A: Yes ! When moving house you can take your screen with you & install it in our new home! If the dimensions aren't quiet right you can purchase a new hanging rail and chain per metre to make your screen longer or if you need to you can trim the header rail to fit and take some links off the bottom if needed. We also sell hanging brackets separately if your take them down and put them in that super safe space where we all put things and forget where that space is ! 

Q: What is the difference between a chain screen that I can buy on another site compared to yours? 

A: Our chains are made to last ! We often have customers contacting us about screens that they have purchased from other online retailers that the links have bent, snapped or they still have flies, bugs and pests coming into their home or business. We like to think of our chain screens as a long term investment. We offer you a 5 Year Guarantee on all chain screens against defects in production and the products used (Terms apply). We work closely with our supplier to ensure that the quality of chain we are receiving is the best there is. Be aware that chain screens that are advertised cheap are 99% of the time too good to be true - They will snap easily, the will not be anodised so will be rough and will rust and will last one or two seasons max. We pride ourselves in creating a fantastic product that is used in high traffic commercial areas - and this is the same chain that we use throughout our range. 

Q: Can I speak to someone about my order before I place it?

A: Always ! We are on hand 7 Days a week via Phone, Whatsapp, our Social Media pages or email. We can answer any question's you may have, bounce around ideas on chain, mesh, bead or PVC products to see what suits your location best. We want to make sure that you get the best product that meets your expectation. If you need help with measuring up we are on hand to chat with you or you can have a look at our measuring guides Sway Screens (chainscreens.co.uk).

Q: Do you offer an installation service?

A: At this moment in time we do not. But our products are easy to put up in just a few minutes. We send installation guides with your products and we are available to chat to you while you are completing the install. In 2024 we will be launching our YouTube with measuring guides, installation videos and make with us videos !

Q: Do you sell on other platforms?

A: Yes ! We have just launched a small range of screens on Amazon. We offer the same service, products and guarantee no matter where you shop. We also supply third party to Facilities Management Companies, Blind Suppliers and Pest Controllers (there is lots more but we would here all day telling you). Our customers and clients return to us year after year as they know that we will help them with any project they have taken on.

Q: Can i see examples of Screens anywhere?

A: We have lots of different social media accounts that we post videos and images on from our workshop and our customers. Instagram is where we post all our customer testimonials that have images attached and we also add videos of us creating all types of screens. If you don't use social media, we can send you images of previous work via email or WhatsApp. 

Q: I don't need everything for my screen, do you sell spare parts?

A: We sure do! Everything is made to measure and handcrafted in our North Yorkshire workshop and distributed worldwide, which allows us to hold all the bits and pieces that you may need to do a small repair. We sell spare parts for every single item we make !

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