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Uses For Chain Fly Screens

The company producing the aluminium chain fly screen was founded in 1926 by Mr. Jose Maria Sans Amill, who before he was 20 years old and whilst he was studying at the " Escuela Industrial de Barcelona ", He designed and built with scrap iron the first automatic machine for making chains on which the links were crimped. The company is now run by the third generation of the inventor but techniques and quality have improved tremendously. Still manufactured in Spain, the company has avoided the decision to buy in from China but have concentrated on high quality products to be proud of.
Aluminium chain fly screens are so versatile, they can be used in lots of different locations and not just as fly screens.
In any place you can use a curtain. If you want to have a door open and let the fresh air come in and you don't want to have a lot of annoying flying insects, or if you want to decorate any room with a new and elegant element.
These are only few examples of its use.
Domestic uses: Chain screens are used as durable and attractive fly screens for doors and windows thoughout a house. They are used as replacement doors on cupboards, and utility areas. They are commonly used as room dividers as they allow light through and do not create dark areas.
Retail Shops: For entrance doors and entrances to storerooms or preparation areas, allowing easy access for staff. Using chain fly screens in a shop doorway helps keep insects out whilst allowing customers easy access in order to maintain the free from insects, respecting hygienic conditions.
Caravans: Aluminium chain fly screens are often used in caravans as an easy method of keeping flying insects out whilst allowing fresh air in.
Clubs: Covering walls, or creating VIP areas and stages.
Hotels: fly screens for doors, windows and also as room dividers
Commercial Kitchens: Where fly screens are a necessity and legal requirement for commercial kitchens where food is stored , prepared cooked or eaten.
Exhibitions: Aluminium chain screens are often used on exhibition stands to create an interesting backdrop to show off products
Offices: Decor chain screens are used to divide rooms without putting up a solid wall.
Quality control: In establishments were food is processed, in order to remove insects avoiding the use of chemical products. Chain fly screens are essential
Restaurants: Doors and windows, particularly effective as a barrier against birds as well as flies in the country. Chain fly screens can look elegant and unobtrusive decoration for halls, saloons...
Theatres: As stage sets and curtains. The smoke and dry ice pass through


We supply made-to-measure quality aluminium chain fly screens for doorways, conservatory, french, sliding, hinged, folding, patio, veranda, gazebos, caravans, mobile home doors and insect fly mesh for doors and windows. Chain fly screens for commercial, domestic kitchens, nightclubs, pubs, bars, discos, hotels, food shops, butchers, bakers, takeaways.

Designer and architect chain fly screens for exhibitions, showrooms, events, theatres, stages. Available as for fly screens for DIY kits, roller blinds, mesh and chain fly screens. Chain flyscreen colours: sliver, black, pewter, turquoise, blue, green, red, gold, yellow, copper, orange, brown and bronze chain fly screens. High quality anodised aluminium chain fly screens for all commercial and domestic doors and windows.